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Looking to gain an edge in a competitive real estate market? Give your home extra exposure with our unique targeted marketing strategy.

If you’re reading this article then it probably comes as no surprise to you that today’s homebuyers are spending more and more time online searching homes and researching neighborhoods before making a decision. So how do you make sure they are finding your home in their searches? And how do you make your home stand out from the crowd?

Our unique online marketing strategy focuses on two key elements that enable us to market your home much more efficiently than ever before.

First, through neighborhood specific websites such as this one, we are able to present your home to buyers who are far enough in the buying process that they are seeking very specific information. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes for a moment. You’ve found a home in your searching that you’re interested in, what do you do next? If you’re like the large majority of home buyers you begin doing research on the neighborhood to find out if it seems like the kind of place you want to call home. You search for information about the schools, the homeowner association, nearby parks, shopping and other amenities. And where do you go to find this info? Our strategy enables our websites to show up at every step, presenting the information buyers are seeking while simultaneously promoting your home.

The second key element of our approach is to separate your home from the noise that exists online. If you plug in a search on any of the major real estate search websites you’ll come up with a lengthy list of matching homes. This is great for a buyer, you can browse through and make snap decisions about which homes you like and which you don’t. Something as simple as a mediocre main photo can prevent your home from making the cut. But think for a moment about our first point – that serious buyers are taking the extra step of researching the neighborhoods of the homes they are interested in. By presenting highly focused information, our websites allow us to attract targeted web traffic, all the while showcasing your home. We can’t make buyers buy your home but we can greatly increase the chances that the right ones will notice it!

Don’t just sit back and hope the perfect buyer finds your home. Give us a call and learn more about what we do to ensure your home gets the attention it deserves!

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